Belgian Construction Certification Association
BCCA. Belgian Construction Certification Association
Certification of :

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• ISO 9001 – quality systems
An ISO 9001 certificate confirms that a company is organised to respond optimally to the customer’s inquiry/request and thus provide high-quality products and/or services.
An ISO 9001 certificate does not confirm any actual result.

• ISO 14001 – environmental management system
This certificate demonstrates that a company controls the significant risks arising for the environment as a result of its activities and complies with the statutory regulations.

• Achilles management system (OVAM)
The Achilles management system is a management system that was formulated by the OVAM. The certificate confirms that control measures are taken with regard to safety, health and impact on the environment when carrying out on-site soil remediation works.

• Asbestos removal (Belgian Royal Decree 28/03/2007)
The delivered certificate is in conformity with the Belgian Royal Decree of 28/03/2007 which applies for contractors carrying out demolition and removal work where important quantities of asbestos can be released.

• NTMB management system (LNE)
The NTMB management system is a management system that has been specifically developed by the Environment, Nature and Energy Department (LNE) of the Flemish Government for and in collaboration with the manufacturers and suppliers of nature-technical bank protection materials, based on the need to reinforce the confidence in these materials.

• ISO 50001 – Energy performances
This certificate confirms the existence of a management system that focuses on the efficiency of the energy performances.

• VCA – safety
A VCA certificate shows that a company, based on a checklist, takes the necessary measures to be able to operate safely.

• OHSAS - Safety
The OHSAS certificate confirms the existence of a health and safety management system in order to obtain an effective control over the professional risks linked to an optimisation of the organisation’s performances.