Belgian Construction Certification Association
BCCA. Belgian Construction Certification Association
Certification is a means of promoting confidence in a product, construction system, organisation or person via inspection by an independent body.
Certification is, in fact, confirmation of the care paid to quality in a company or organisation. It could be said that certification is pointless without quality care.

The existence of a certificate and the confidence that emerges through it simplify decisions taken in relation to the awarding of contracts, stipulating products in categories, as well as the execution and monitoring of work. It is as if the goods had a letter of recommendation when presented on the market.

Certification has the best impact when the criteria to be met by a product, construction system, person or organisation can be specified in an official manner.
These criteria are specified on the basis of a consensus within official organisations involving all interested parties (public authorities, private consumers, architects, engineers, contractors, producers, experts, laboratories, etc…).

Certification has already been around for more than 35 years and is also gradually becoming more important in construction, primarily as a result of the increased desire for quality on the part of the customer, the complexity of supply and the proliferation of statutory regulations.

Certification is also a means of boosting quality care in general, leading to efficient organisational management and improved economic results.