For project managers, architects, engineers and contractors

Our quality declarations ensure you can rely on the quality, in conformity with prescriptions and in suitability for use of a construction product, a contractor or a service provider.

For manufacturers, construction companies, installers and service providers

Have your services, workmanship or organization system assessed and certified by us. Our independent quality declarations, will allow you to credibly demonstrate your compliance with the standards in force and your respect for the rules of good workmanship.

For policy makers, professional associations and other stakeholders

BCCA works as a platform. This allows all involved parties to participate in an active and transparent consultation to agree on the criteria for the certification of products and services. This way, we work together to improve quality and to create confidence in the construction sector.

For all domains

Quality assurance at all levels


A certificate is a declaration of confidence in quality. Certification is based on criteria that have either been fixed legally or agreed on by consensus within a sector. You can contact us to apply for certification of your products and services as well as of your systems and processes. You can also consult our databases to find information about our certificates.

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Technical approval and assessment

A technical approval (ATG) confirms the fitness for use of innovative products and system components for which standards are non-existent or insufficient. BCCA also establishes European Technical Assessments (ETA) related to the performance of construction products that are not covered by a harmonised standard.

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Quality frameworks

A quality framework is a single system that combines several aspects of the quality of products, processes, organisation and persons. This considerably improves risk management. If you meet the requirements of a quality framework, you can issue your own conformity declarations to your clients.

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Stakeholder consultation

For over 25 years, BCCA has worked in close consultation with all stakeholders from the construction sector on the improvement of quality. Being an impartial non-profit organisation, the public interest is always our priority.

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