Certification of processes and services

Process certification gives confidence in a process and its result. This certification is mainly aimed at specific technologies and building systems.

Importance of a process certificate

A process certificate is a declaration about the compliance of a particular process in the construction sector with established requirements

Processes in the construction sector include among others design, calculation, installation, assembly, execution, as well as the management of construction products, building systems and equipment in construction works.

A process certificate ensures that a company disposes of the required organisation, knowledge and procedures, and uses an execution process that is supervised, all to be able to deliver an end result that complies with the requirements.

BCCA npo certifies, amongst others, processes related to

  • Injection works against rising damp
  • Concrete repair and protection
  • Wooden, aluminium, PVC and steel external joinery
  • Curtain walling system works
  • Veranda construction
  • Calculation of the thermal performance of external joinery systems (2D) and fa├žade systems (3D)

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