Quality framework Post-insulation of cavity walls

This quality framework includes all the important quality requirements for post-insulation of cavity walls with a nominal width of at least 50 mm.

Read the elaborate description of the in situ post-insulation of cavity walls

Why does the quality of post-insulation matter?

Good post-insulation of uninsulated cavity walls can reduce energy loss by a factor of 2 to 3, depending on the structure of the original fa├žade and the thermal resistance of the insulation product used. This improves the energy performance and the living comfort.

What is the quality framework post-insulationof cavity walls?

UBAtc (Belgian Union for Technical Approval in the construction sector) and BCCA combined three kinds of requirements in this quality framework to contribute to the quality improvement of post-insulation of cavity walls:

  1. 01 Products and systems have to be suitable for use
  2. 02 Installers have to pass a theoretical examination
  3. 03 Installers have to perform the works according to the rules of good craftsmanship

Companies participating in the quality framework can issue conformity declarations for cavity walls insulation. The declaration confirms the use of insulation systems that have a Technical Approval, the use of qualified personnel, and the conformity of the executed insulation works with the requirements Technical Specification STS 71-1.

Who can participate in the quality framework post-insulation of cavity walls?

Installer companies that use products with ATG approval and that enter into an agreement with BCCA to comply with the regulations of the post-insulation of cavity walls quality framework.

Download the list of recognized installers for in situ post-insulation of cavity walls.
Apply as candidate to join the quality framework post-insulation of cavity walls via the contact form.

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