Certification of management systems

Certification of management systems enhances the confidence in companies that systematically manage risks and continuously improve their performance in pursuit of goals relating to quality, environment, safety, energy, and others.

Management systems

BCCA npo certifies various types of management systems, including

  • ISO 9001 for quality management systems ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems. An ISO 9001 certificate confirms that this company’s organisation allows it to respond optimally to the costumer's demand for quality products or services.
  • ISO 14001 for environmental management systemsThis certificate demonstrates that a company controls the environmental risks resulting from its activities and that it complies with the regulations in this field.
  • ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety management systems The ISO 45001 certificate confirms the implementation of a health and safety management system in order to obtain an effective control over the professional risks linked to an optimisation of the organisation’s performance.
  • ISO 50001 for energy management systems This certificate confirms the implementation of a management system that focuses on the systematic management and improvement of the energy performance of the certified organisation.
  • VCA for safety management systems A VCA certificate for contractors shows that this contractor takes the necessary measures required to operate safely and meets the current safety, health and environmental requirements on a large number of points.
  • Achilles management system (OVAM) The Achilles management system is a system that was established by OVAM (Flemish public institution). The certificate confirms that control measures are taken with regard to safety, health and impact on the environment when carrying out on-site soil remediation works.
  • Asbestos removal (Code on the Well-being at Work)
    This certificate is, in accordance with the Code on the Well-being at Work, Book VI, title 4, applicable to contractors carrying out demolition and removal work where important quantities of asbestos may be released.
  • NTMB management system (natural-technical construction of the environment - LNE) The NTMB management system is a system developed by the Flemish public authorities for and in collaboration with the manufacturers and suppliers of nature-technical construction of the environment, which was initially launched for nature-technical bank protection materials. Certification strengthens the confidence in the management system applied by the producers and suppliers of these materials, with a specific attention to technical performance, knowledge building and optimal nature development.

Importance of a management system

A management system helps an organisation to establish a policy to manage risks in a systematic way and to continuously improving performance. Applying a management system leads to:

  • New insights into your own processes, with ideas for improvement as a result
  • A better process management and a better view on opportunities and risks in order to control the latter
  • The right information to set priorities
  • Improved employee motivation through direct involvement 
  • Savings in the production or execution process, for example through less waste and failure errors
  • More confidence from the client and a better market position

Why BCCA npo?

As a certification body specialised in the construction sector, BCCA is uniquely placed to issue management systems certificates for companies in the construction sector and for the supplying or related industry and services sector. Our in-depth knowledge of the construction sector guarantees that the specific characteristics of the construction sector are taken into account in our assessments. Our audits therefore provide a significant added value.

The BCCA certificate for your management system is a token of your commitment to striving for optimal performance in terms of quality, environment, safety or energy.

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