Certification of professional competence of persons

These certificates confirm the competence of persons for a certain profession or activity. Certification is based on a test or examination.

Importance of a person certificate

Based on competence requirements for a particular profession or field of activity, defined by a qualified sector committee, tests or examinations are organised to assess whether participants have these competences.

As a certification body, BCCA organises and monitors this process. We ensure that it meets the requirements of the international standard NBN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

If all requirements have been met, BCCA will issue a certificate for that person.

To maintain the validity of the certificate, it must be shown that the person is effectively exercising the profession. Therefore BCCA organises on a regular basis inspections and examinations verifying if the person’s competences are maintained.

BCCA npo certifies among others

  • Welders of plastic pipes and membranes
  • Industrial painters for anti-corrosion works
  • Inspectors performing assessments of the condition of real estate