BCCA was founded in 1992 as a certification body for the construction sector.

What does BCCA npo do?


BCCA provides certification of products as well as of persons, processes and systems. 
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Technical Assessments (ETA)

If your product or system component is not covered by a standard or if you wish a thorough confirmation of its fitness for use, you can call upon BCCA for a Technical Approval (ATG). BCCA also establishes European Technical Assessments (ETA) related to the performances of construction products.
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Quality frameworks

BCCA organises quality frameworks, a more global approach to the quality of construction processes. As at today, there are quality frameworks for airtightness, ventilation and post-insulation of cavity walls. Read more

Stakeholder consultation

In order to establish certification rules by consensus, BCCA organises consultation with all stakeholders, represented in our advisory boards and technical sector committees. Read more

How does BCCA npo work?

Expert controls

BCCA strives for quality in the broadest sense of the word, in particular through impartial, independent and expert controls, assessments and monitoring methods.

Stakeholder consultation

The services we offer have been developed in close consultation with public authorities and with stakeholders from the sector, paying particular attention to consensus and proportionality. BCCA also provides certification services subjected to rules established on a European or an international level.

Qualitative assessment

In addition to independence and impartiality, we believe that technical expertise, professional ethics and appropriate confidentiality are essential to safeguard the value that all parties attribute to our quality declarations and certificates.


  • Impartiality. BCCA is unbiased and serves the public interest.
  • Independence. BCCA has no members with commercial interests.
  • Expertise. BCCA is a knowledge centre specialised in the construction sector with over 25 years of experience and expertise.
  • Societal impact. Our work on quality improvement in the construction sector is motivated by our concern for the society as a whole and not by commercial interests.
  • Recognition. BCCA is recognized by several organisations as an organisation that provides quality services and respects all required standards.

Accreditation and notification

BCCA npo is accredited

The services provided by BCCA meet all applicable rules and standards. BCCA performs, where accreditation is possible and was obtained, its activities under BELAC accreditation (Belgian Accreditation Organisation). Accreditation confirms the reliability and impartiality of BCCA's activities. Disposing of BELAC Accreditation means that our services respect the international standards (NBN EN ISO/IEC 17065, 17021-1, 17024 and 17020) and are recognized as such. The table below gives an overview of the current state of the accreditations.

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BCCA npo is notified

BCCA is a notified certification body (notification number 0749) under the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR). This implies that the Belgian FPS Economy notified BCCA to the European Commission as a certification body. This means that manufacturers can rely on us so they can fulfil their obligations concerning the European Construction Products Regulation.

Click here to download the list with the services we provide as a notified body under the CPR.
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