Quality framework Airtightness

The Airtightness testing Quality Framework combines all essential requirements for the assessment of airtightness in one systematic approach, to ensure the reliability of the test result. If the airtightness of a building is measured in accordance with the requirements of the quality framework, the result of the measurement can be used for EPB reporting in the Flemish Region.

Why does the quality of airtightness matter?

Good airtightness can considerably improve the energy performance of a building. Besides energy savings, airtight construction offers many other benefits, such as a better indoor climate (in combination with adequate ventilation), higher acoustic comfort and a reduction in the risk of condensation.

What is the quality framework Airtightness?

The objective of the quality framework is to contribute to the enforcement of the conditions set for airtightness tests according to the STS-P 71-3 and the additional provisions of the Flemish Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2014.

A participating company can issue a declaration of conformity, confirming that an airtightness measurement as well as its test report meet the requirements of the framework.

As organiser of the quality framework, BCCA checks at random the measurement process and reporting through on-site inspections and desktop controls.

Who can participate in the quality framework Airtightness?

Candidates must demonstrate a minimum experience in performing airtightness tests. Passing a theoretical exam is required prior to the practical examination of the tester. BCCA offers (non-mandatory) theoretical training for candidates who wish to take this examination.

Click here to download the complete description of the quality Framework Airtightness testing or surf to https://www.ikbouwluchtdicht.be

Apply as candidate to join the airtightness quality framework via the contact form.

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