Certification of products and construction systems

Our certification services cover both the initial technical assessment of products and building systems, as well as the assessment and follow-up of the production and the marking of products. Certification can relate to the conformity of products as such, or to the production control system for their manufacturing by itself. BCCA npo offers various certification systems for a wide range of products and building systems.

BENOR certification 

BCCA issues certificates giving the right to use the BENOR label for clay products, glass, plastic pipe products, roofing products, fibre cement products, concrete repair products, etc.

BENOR certification is a voluntary certification.

BENOR certification is operated in accordance with the rules of a BENOR certification scheme. Its Technical prescriptions are generally those of a Belgian standard. When these are not available or insufficient, BCCA establishes additional specifications (PTV, Technical specifications).

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Technical Approval (ATG)

BCCA issues certificates indicating that products are in accordance with the provisions of a Technical Approval (ATG).

This ATG certification is an addition to a Technical Approval (ATG), published by UBAtc (Belgian Union for Technical Approval in the construction field), which shows the fitness for use of innovative products and systems. This certification indicates that manufactured and supplied products or system components comply with the provisions that have been described in the ATG approval text.

ATG certification is operated under a mandate given by UBAtc.

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BCCA is a notified certification body with notification number 0749. We issue certificates that allow manufacturers to meet their legal obligations under the European Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. After obtaining a certificate, manufacturers can draw up a declaration of performance and affix the CE marking to their products, a requirement for placing them on the European market.

The AVCP system defines the level of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance for CE-marking. BCCA issues both product certificates (AVCP systems 1 and 1+) and factory production control certificates (AVCP systems 2+).

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BCCA is the competent body of choice for Keymark certification for thermal insulation products. We issue certificates for the voluntary European label confirming conformity with European standards.

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BCCA issues EUCEB certificates, a voluntary declaration for mineral wool fibres.

The validity of EUCEB certificates can be checked at any time only on the BCCA website.

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