A quality framework is an integrated approach aimed at maintaining quality of a certain process or domain in the construction sector, in which a number of aspects of the process are made measurable and traceable. There are currently quality frameworks for air tightness tests, ventilation reporting and post-insulation of cavity walls.

Why a quality framework?

A quality framework combines, in a single system, different aspects of quality control of products, processes, organization, resources and competence of persons. This highly improves risk management. Quality frameworks are used: 

  • In support of public policies or in a legal framework
  • Voluntary, at request of certain sectors, based on consensus and standardisation of quality
  • By any party wishing to pursue quality enforcement in this way

After having proven to meet the requirements of a quality framework, a company can then by itself draw up a declaration of conformity about the executed work and hand it over to its customer.

Methodology of quality frameworks

The methodology depends on the process and the quality goals aimed for, but always consists of three phases.

01 Proactive phase

Ensure that the company carries out the process with suitable products, competent personnel, appropriate resources, a good organisation, and so forth.

02 Principal phase

The company executing the process uploads into a central database, for every construction site, data and documents regarding planning and execution of works.

03 Reactive phase

The company is randomly controlled through on-site inspections and/or desktop controls.

How does a quality framework come about?

The quality requirements for a process and the manner of controlling that these requirements have been met, are fixed in consultation with the stakeholders from the sector. A quality framework may need to include, amongst others:

  • Establishing standards, technical specifications and the rules of good craftsmanship 
  • Requirements for training and examinations  
  • Assessment and monitoring of the performance and fitness for use of construction products or systems
  • Requirements to dispose of technical approvals and certification
  • Surveillance of the execution of the process by random on-site inspections and desktop controls

Current quality frameworks

Ventilation reporting  

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Post-insolation of 
cavity walls
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How can you participate in a quality framework?

You can submit a request via the contact form. We will then inform you of the conditions for participation. Depending on the quality framework, we organise certification, acceptance processes, exams, etc. Random on-site or desktop controls will be carried out, in accordance with the rules of the quality framework. These different methods of control are used to check whether the requirements of the quality framework are met during the execution of your activities.

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