BCCA npo provides services for both Technical Approval (ATG) and European Technical Assessment (ETA). An ATG is a demonstration of fitness for use for a given application, and provides installation prescriptions. An ETA is an assessment of performance of the product, based on a European Assessment Document.

Technical Approval (ATG)

BCCA npo has been appointed by UBAtc npo (Belgian Union for technical approval in construction) as an approval and certification operator in various technical fields in the construction sector.

A Technical Approval is aimed at innovative products and system components that are not or insufficiently covered by standards.

A Technical Approval (ATG) is an assessment of the fitness for use of a construction product or system intended for a specific application in construction. Based on a defined product performance, an ATG confirms the fitness for use of an application and provides installation or handling prescriptions.

An ATG technical approval is issued after a thorough initial assessment, in principle based on an approval guideline established by experts who are part of a commission named the Specialised Group. The valid ATG approvals can be consulted on the website of npo UBAtc

The subsequent ATG certification confirms the conformity with the published approval of the products as actually manufactured and delivered. This is done based on the continuous surveillance by BCCA, amongst others by assessing the manufacturer's internal control and based on external control test results from independent laboratories.

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

A European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a documented evaluation of the performance of a construction product in relation to its essential characteristics, according to a European Assessment Document (EAD).

Based on a European Technical Assessment, manufacturers can draw up a declaration of performance for a construction product that is not or not fully covered by a European harmonised standard. Unlike an ATG, an ETA is not an assessment of fitness for a particular use.

BCCA has been appointed by UBAtc as operator for establishing EADs and ETAs in various technical domains in the construction sector. Additionally, BCCA can also act as a notified certification body for AVCP systems 1, 1+ and 2+.

How can you apply for an ATG or an ETA?

Given the innovative or undocumented nature of these products or building systems, their thorough examination takes some time. Therefore, we recommend to not wait too long to submit your application.

More information about ATG and ETA can be found on the UBAtc website. Formal applications should be submitted to UBAtc directly.

BCCA is available to answer any practical questions you may have.

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