BCCA npo works in close consultation with all stakeholders from the construction sector. Together with all parties, we strive for clear rules and controls to strengthen confidence in the construction sector and ensure fair competition between all market players.

BCCA as a consultation platform

Based on its basic mission, BCCA offers the construction sector and related sectors a platform for developing and organising all services for the control and promotion of quality and sustainable development in the broadest sense.

We therefore bring stakeholders together on a regular basis to discuss quality assurance, assessment rules, preventive risk management, standardisation and other quality aspects.

As an impartial and non-commercial party, we do not serve any private interests. BCCA acts in service of the entire construction sector and society.

Some principles of consultation

  • Stakeholder consultations are organised for each scheme. At BCCA the consultations take place via committees that may have different names: advisory board, sectoral (technical) committee, consultation committee, ...
  • The stakeholder consultation is representative. The aim is to ensure that certification is widely supported by all stakeholders: public authorities, public or private building project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, experts, scientific institutions, laboratories, ...
  • The principle of proportionality implies that requirements, rules and sanctions must be proportional to the risks and serve the interests of all parties involved.
  • Certification rules contain a set of criteria, rules and sanctions for a given certification. You will find all certification rules documents in our database.
  • Decisions should preferably be taken by consensus. In this way, we achieve the maximum we can achieve and to which everyone can agree.

List of committees and boards

Specialised groups
GG 31-32 Roofing
GG BTB Binders and additions for concrete
GG24-25 Building structure
GG28 Slates
GG29 Natural Stone
GG38 Sealing of bridges
GG40 Façades
GG51-53 Finishing
Advisory boards
AR-MS Managementsystems
AR20 Clay products and ceramic materials
AR21 Fibre-cement
AR23 Construction systems
AR24-25 Building structure
AR27 Wood
AR28 Slates
AR29 Natural Stones
AR30 Roofing - General and miscellaneous
AR31 Bitumen waterproofing
AR32 Synthetic waterproofing
AR33 Geosynthetic barriers
AR40 Façades - General and miscellaneous
AR40A Thermal calculations
AR41 Glazing
AR42 External window work
AR43 VEC Façades systems 
AR51 Insulation materials
AR53 Walls and ceilings
AR56 Concrete repair and protection
AR60 Equipment
AR65 Thermoplastic pipes and fittings
AR65 - B Thermoset pipes and fittings
AR65-C Sewer renovation
AR80 Welders
Sectoral Committees
SC External thermal insulation
SC-1 Ceramic products
SC-2 Plastic products and systems
SC-3 Glazing products
SC-4 Natural stones for buildings
SC-5 Roofing products
SC-6 Concrete repair and protection
SC-7 Fibre-cement products
SC55 Post-insulation of cavity walls
SC551 PUR floor insulation on-site
SC81 Sector Committee Industrial Painter
Limited advisory committee
BAC451 Airtightness
BAC505 Ventilation
BAC55 Post-insulation of cavity walls
Consultation commission
C0C505 Ventilation
COC451 Airtightness

If you would like to know which organisation represents your interests in these committees or how you can be involved, please contact us for more information via the contact form.

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