As an independent third party, BCCA npo issues certificates that confirm that construction products, processes, organisation systems or personal skills satisfy the set requirements. We operate both voluntary and mandatory certifications.

Why certification?

01 Confidence

Certification creates confidence in a product or a construction system, in a service, in the organisation of a company or in the professional skills of a person. This confidence results from the supervision by an independent party.

02 Conformity

Certification helps organisations to verify the conformity and reliability of their products or services with regard to the applicable regulations, standards and rules of good workmanship. Through external assessment, it stimulates quality assurance and quality improvement, leading to a more rational management and to better economical results.

03 Widespread recognition

A certificate is an unambiguous statement about the fulfilment of requirements that either have widespread support within the sector, or are accepted or imposed by public authorities.

Certification offers many other advantages

  • It simplifies the editing of specifications
  • It accelerates the acceptance of products and services
  • It contributes to the continuous improvement of the sector
  • It contributes to the prevention of damages, claims and disputes
  • It enhances reputation and image 
  • It protects against unfair competition and strengthens market position

4 certification types

Products and construction system

Endorsement of the confidence that a product or construction system complies with a prescription.

Processes and services

Endorsement of the confidence that a process or a service leads to a good result and that companies executing the process or providing the service are qualified to do so.

Management systems

Evaluation of organisational quality of a company or organisation, based on specific goals related to quality, environment, energy or safety.

Professional skills of people

Endorsement of the confidence in the competences of individuals for practising a specific profession and their continued upkeep of such competences.

Who can apply for a certificate?

Manufacturers, distributors, contractors, installers and other works executors, and construction service providers, all have access to BCCA's certification services without distinction. All parties from the construction sector, big or small, have equal access to certification.

How can you apply for certification?


You can submit your request via the contact form. Please include who or what you would like to certify and we shall contact you as soon as possible for exchanging information. Subsequently, we shall send you a quote for the services you requested.

Assessment, audit, inspection or examination

After the application has been filed, BCCA will check whether all conditions for certification are met. Depending on the required certification, this is done on the basis of an initial assessment, audits, inspections, tests, examinations or a combination thereof.

Review and certification decision

An independent, internal committee will review the findings. All information is handled with strict confidentiality. If the evaluation is positive, BCCA can issue the certificate. At certification, you will sign an agreement that includes the conditions to ensure the certificate remains valid.

Continuous surveillance

Periodic checks shall be carried out during the term of the certificate to confirm that its validity can be maintained. The nature and frequency of these checks depend on the given certification scheme.

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