Quality framework Ventilation

The quality framework Ventilation combines all important requirements for the quality of ventilation installations. If the performance of a ventilation installation is measured in accordance with the requirements of the quality framework, the results of the measurement can be included in the EPB reporting for the Flemish Region.

Why does the quality of ventilation matter?

A good ventilation (in combination with insulation and airtightness) improves both the energy performance and the air quality of a building, while avoiding humidity issues, noise or odour nuisance or dust problems.

What is the quality framework Ventilation?

The objective of the quality framework is to contribute to the quality of basic ventilation systems in residential applications and the reporting on their performances, in accordance with STS-P 73-1 and additional provisions of the Flemish Ministerial Decree of 5 November 2015.

A participating company can issue a declaration of conformity, as confirmation that the performed measurement as well as its test report meet the requirements of the framework.

As organiser of the quality framework, BCCA performs checks at random by on-site inspections and desktop controls.

Who can participate in the quality framework Ventilation?

Companies and persons who conclude an agreement with BCCA in order to comply with the regulations for the quality framework Ventilation.

BCCA has an approval procedure for these companies and qualifies ventilation reporters by means of a theoretical test and a practical test for mechanical ventilation.

Read the entire description of the quality framework for ventilation (NL). 
The Flemish Region offers incentives for high-quality ventilation systems in residential buildings. The quality framework Ventilation only applies in this region.
Apply as candidate to join the quality framework Ventilation via the contact form.

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