Lydia Peeters performs the 100.000th cavity walls insulation

Lydia Peeters: "Cavity wall insulation enables big energy and money savings. Post-insulation is easy to perform, investment is relatively low and is recouped after a few years."

As a matter of fact, lots of houses built with cavity walls in the ’50, ’60 and ’70 were not insulated. Façade walls constitute a substantial surface and are, thus, a big source of heat loss.

A lot of houses are suitable for the application of this technique. However, in order to be assured of the technique suitability, it is necessary to work with a recognized installer who verifies the façade suitability and works with products/systems under technical approval (ATG-certificate). For the works they made that are under certification, these BCCA certified contractors can draw up a document (Declaration of Conformity), with which they assure their work was effectively executed as it should be. To this end, controls of the works are regularly performed by BCCA.

The Declaration of Conformity enables private individuals in Flanders to apply for a bonus to Fluvius.

In the other Belgian regions, the bonus does not exist, but the technique of cavity walls insulation does and has more and more success.

Do you also want a certified contractor who works with products/systems covered by an ATG to insulate you home? Contact then one of the companies listed in the overview list of certified companies. This list is available on or or and look for the "Declaration of Conformity".


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