BCCA npo manages the BENOR label for clay products, glazing products, roofing products, fibre cement products, natural stone for buildings, concrete repair and protection, and plastic pipe products and systems.

What is the BENOR label?

The BENOR label is a voluntary quality label, propriety of the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation NBN and managed by BENOR npo.

  • Voluntary - because it is backed by the market itself and is not imposed by law.
  • Quality label - because it indicates that a product, process or service meets well-defined quality requirements.
  • The BENOR label is applied when parties mutually agree to it voluntarily
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BCCA npo as sectoral organisation for BENOR

By its appointment as Sectoral Organisation, BCCA npo organises the Sectoral Commissions for different sectors. All stakeholders are represented in these committees and collectively they determine together the rules for a BENOR certification scheme through consensus. These rules are then published as Implementation Rules (TRA). When standards are absent or insufficient, a Sectoral Committee may also draw up a Technical Specification document (PTV).

New documents are approved via an internal procedure and after public consultation via this website.

Consult Implementation Rules and Technical Specifications in our database 

Ongoing public consultations

New documents are approved via an internal procedure and after public consultation via this website.
The documents can be consulted in Dutch.

Any possible comments may be transferred to the competent Sectoral Commission of BCCA by e-mail to the address mail@bcca.be with the mention “Public consultation BENOR” + the reference of the document concerned.

BCCA npo as certification body for BENOR

How does BCCA carry its work out?

By means of regular, external inspections, we can confirm whether a manufacturer implements sufficient internal control measures to guarantee compliance with BENOR requirements. Only then the manufacturer receives a BENOR certificate.

For which products does BCCA npo manage the BENOR-label?

  • Clay products
  • Glazing products
  • Roofing products
  • Fibre cement products
  • Natural stone for buildings
  • Concrete repair and protection
  • Plastic pipe products and systems
Benor - Plastics Sewerage Facilitator

BENOR certification of plastic pipes and fittings

The plastic pipes and fittings certified SN8 in PVC (EN 1401) en PP (EN 1852) certified by BCCA available under the BENOR label that are used to connect houses and streets to the sewage network can be found in the information system managed by BCCA ‘Plastics Sewerage Facilitator’ (PSF). In this system, you will find the most recent and validated product information and lists of fittings.

Certified BENOR products

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